Life’s complicated and how we interact with one another can be complicated too. I represent the figure in my paintings with all it’s complexity either in how it relates to another figure in the painting or how it relates to an under painting.

In my mind we and the objects with which we share our space exist on several planes. I enjoy layering these planes, removing and highlighting aspects of each plane in an attempt to create a story.
Perhaps my story might be different from a story you may conjure by looking at how I've arranged these planes and their negative and positive space. That's fine. The point is that the painting conjures imagination.


Aberdeen Enterprise Trust Fayre, Aberdeen Music Hall, Aberdeen UK, November 1993

Aberdeen Artist Society Exhibition, Aberdeen Art Gallery, Aberdeen UK, May 1994

Deeside Art Exhibition, Banchory Scotland UK, July 1994

Glassell Student Exhibition, Juried Exhibition, Houston TX USA, June 2009

Lawndale Center, The Big Show, Juried Exhibition, Houston TX USA, July 2010

Art League Houston, Gambol, Juried Exhibition, Houston TX USA, November 2010

Glassell Student Exhibition, Juried Exhibition, Houston TX USA, June 2011

Salon des Refuses, Gallery M Squared, Houston TX USA, July 2011

Archway Gallery, 3rd Annual Juried Exhibition, Houston TX USA, July/August 2011

Second Annual SAO Select Exhibition, Tradition Bank, Houston Tx, September 2011

Visual Arts Alliance, Twenty-Ninth Juried Open Exhibition, Houston TX, May/June 2012

The Glassell School of Art, 2012 Annual Student Exhibition, Houston TX, June/July 2012


Glassell School of Art, Materials Scholarship 2010

Glassell School of Art, The Ary Stillman Scholarship 2012

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Peter 30" x 30" Acrylic on canvas. I chose a graphic image of Peter because I feel it removes us from the reality of the figure and I feel removed from Peter. He is not painted but represented. The ground is dark, mysterious because Peter is somewhat mysterious. He is mysterious but he has splashes of brilliance.
Chillies ( revisited) 4' x 4' acrylic on Canvas. I reworked this painting by removing the white chalk lines which I found distracting and reducing the intensity of the colour in order to add white highlights.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Pushed, 48" x 72" Acrylic on Canvas
The idea behind "Pushed" is the desperation of homelessness. The subject is pushed into the corner. The ground of the painting is moving left to right but the figure resists and looks at us just as he's destined to reach the corner. He's not allowed to escape off the canvas or out of his situation.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Missing You, 5'x6', finished!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Yell0w Rose , 48 x 48 ( unfinished 03.09.10)

Friday, March 5, 2010

Missing You, 60x48 (unfinished 03.05.10)

Monday, February 8, 2010

Currently Working On....

Missing You, 60x48, ( unfinished 02.06.10)
Missing You, 60x48 ( unfinished 02.04.10)
Mother, Daughter, Granddaughter ,20X20, acrylic on canvas. This painting is a sketch painting for "Missing You". But it depicts my mother, my sister and my niece at age 12.

Missing you intends to express the relationship between my mother and my son during the later stages of my mother's battle with alzheimer's disease. My son's image will be layered over my mother's.

Currently Working On.....

Yellow Rose, 48x48 ( unfinished 02.04.10)
Yellow Rose 1, 20x20 acrylic on canvas

Yellow Rose uses a subject that I love and a palette that I...well...wouldn't have been my first choice. watch this blog???

Currently working on......

Unfinished Business, 18x24, acrylic on canvas.
A Long Dance, 20x20

I'm developing a series of portraits using strong grounds that appear behind the figure on another plane.

Most Recent Still Lifes

Green Onions, 48x48, acrylic, fabric softener sheets, mat medium on canvas. One of the maddening things about living in a gated community is you can not hang out your washing. This painting uses 52 dryer sheets to highlight the onions heads. The carbon footprint of this painting is scary so the onions are eel like and menacing.

Most Recent Still Lifes

Chilies, 48X48, acrylic on canvas. Here I'm moving more towards exploring the relationship between positive and negative space.

Most Recent Figurative Works

Whatever, 36x48 diptych, acrylic on canvas. There are layers of subtle colour within the ground but this painting is more about how both subjects relate to each other on two different planes. It also explores you as the viewer on yet another plane.

Most Recent Figurative Works

Homeless, 18x24, acrylic on canvas. In Homeless the subject is pushed into the corner. A story of a desperate situation. This painting has lead me to explore complicated grounds and strong hues under portraits.

Most Recent Figurative Works

Middle Age , 48x48, acrylic on canvas

Middle Age 1 , 30x40, acrylic on canvas

I do like to create what I call sketch paintings that can lead into larger abstractions of the subject often with more layering.

Most Recent Figurative works

Self Portrait, 4'x4', acrylic on canvas, I've started to develop layers of ground colours using splattered paint, paint rubbed with a cloth or sponges an order to set the story. This is a self portrait...age is catching up with me.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Feline Years

What can I say..I like cats. Tempatation , 62 x 62, acrylic on canvas, and Josh, 24x36, acylic on canvas where both an exploration of contrast use very few values.

Old favourites

Sunflowers, 30x52 acrylic on canvas, were grown in my garden, they were then photographed and painted as a gift for my husband. The flower ages as it moves from left to right. I always painted directly on a white ground to maximize on the contrast between the subject matter and negative space.

Strawberries, 35x55 acrylic on canvas was my first move away from my usual white ground. I filled the picture plane and looked towards the negative space for depth.