Life’s complicated and how we interact with one another can be complicated too. I represent the figure in my paintings with all it’s complexity either in how it relates to another figure in the painting or how it relates to an under painting.

In my mind we and the objects with which we share our space exist on several planes. I enjoy layering these planes, removing and highlighting aspects of each plane in an attempt to create a story.
Perhaps my story might be different from a story you may conjure by looking at how I've arranged these planes and their negative and positive space. That's fine. The point is that the painting conjures imagination.


Aberdeen Enterprise Trust Fayre, Aberdeen Music Hall, Aberdeen UK, November 1993

Aberdeen Artist Society Exhibition, Aberdeen Art Gallery, Aberdeen UK, May 1994

Deeside Art Exhibition, Banchory Scotland UK, July 1994

Glassell Student Exhibition, Juried Exhibition, Houston TX USA, June 2009

Lawndale Center, The Big Show, Juried Exhibition, Houston TX USA, July 2010

Art League Houston, Gambol, Juried Exhibition, Houston TX USA, November 2010

Glassell Student Exhibition, Juried Exhibition, Houston TX USA, June 2011

Salon des Refuses, Gallery M Squared, Houston TX USA, July 2011

Archway Gallery, 3rd Annual Juried Exhibition, Houston TX USA, July/August 2011

Second Annual SAO Select Exhibition, Tradition Bank, Houston Tx, September 2011

Visual Arts Alliance, Twenty-Ninth Juried Open Exhibition, Houston TX, May/June 2012

The Glassell School of Art, 2012 Annual Student Exhibition, Houston TX, June/July 2012


Glassell School of Art, Materials Scholarship 2010

Glassell School of Art, The Ary Stillman Scholarship 2012

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Dave and Ev, 20 x 20, acrylic on canvas,28.07.11
The next step is the fabric, then I'll revisit the faces

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Dave and Ev, 20x20, acrylic on canvas, first skin layer 20.07.2011

Making a noted to bring back some of the ground through the skin tone. Try saved red tone

Dave and Ev, 20x20, acrylic on canvas, ground

Angela Sleeping, 48x72, acrylic on canvas, 06.20.2011, finished.
This portrait was based on an IPhone picture taken to capture a moment close to the photographer's heart. The strength behind the portrait is the viewer is allowed into this very important piece of some one's world. Sometimes our dreams can clash hence the reason for the somewhat violent ground offset by rosie sleep.

Angela Sleeping, 48X72, acrylic on canvas, 06.09.2011, end of the day
I've brought back some of the ground under the subjects heads. I found there was too much contrast between the fabric and the pillows cutting the canvas in half. Here I evened out the contrast in order to centralize the figures.

Angela Sleeping ,48x72, acrylic on canvas, 06.02.2011
end of the day

Angela Sleeping , 48 x72, acrylic on canvas unfinished 06.01.2011
First Layers after the projection.

This is the concept for Angela sleeping. I developed the ground palette and photographed it then layer the photograph of the subject as a guide for the finished painting